Friday, October 15, 2010

coincidence or synchronicity?

"the heart is a lonely hunter" has come to me via 2 people and a news report within one week's time.  a first time novel for a twenty-something in 1940...Ha! you thought i was well-read, but alas, i hadn't even heard of this title.
but a story was told over glasses of wine at a gathering in capitola last week;  our "bad girls book club" met at debbi's and i could tell our presence gave deb a sense of connection. so it went like this...we were placing our suggestions in our lovely victorian-looking suggestion box which holds our "book wishes" when amy tells the group that words infiltrated her head as she stepped into a goodwill store in montery a few weeks ago, "the heart is a lonely hunter." she stopped between the racks of used jeans and housewares and paused.  just paused because she had not a fucking clue what her own mind was talking about!! she shrugged it off because her mind does all kinds of weird shit these days, tricks, memory loss, tangents...  she headed for the used book section, her reason for being there in the first place.
there were mostly hardbacks and she felt them to be overpriced at 2 bucks each;  lots of nora roberts, 3 copies of dan brown's "angels & demons" and 1 copy of "the lovely bones."  same old, same old she thought as her eyes slowly panned the rows and rows of hardbacks and paperbacks. 
then she saw it.  there were the words on the spine of a tattered paperback.  such a shocker! she paid the 2 bucks without hesitation. wouldn't you have?
the next monday i found myself in public garden sipping mint/chamomile tea with an acquaintance that came to california from boston in the early '70's.  the conversation took many turns and we covered a plethora of subjects when finally
she said to me that she believed in sychronicity and not coincidence yet she had zero faith in jesus, buddha, or any other humanly-sanctioned higher power and she wanted to know if i was familiar with the main character, a deaf man, in the novel, "the heart is a lonely hunter?"  my mouth dropped and i said i had just recently heard of the book and knew nothing about the deaf man, the plot or wisdom for that matter!  and oh the fun continues... later this week i was reading various on-line articles and news reports when i came across a writer/poet/author from a small town in iowa that based her thesis on the main character of... you guessed it!!
no fucking way!  (when you live in a trailer park shit like this is fascinating!) and you're damn right! i ordered it (used) today from amazon! used because i'm on a budget and new is a chunk from my wallet, and used because i'm into renew reuse and all of that stuff. you know. you gotta walk the walk not just talk the talk but i can't help wondering:
was it?  is it?  coincidence or synchronicity? hell, how should i know! 
closing my first post..welcome to 2010 trailer girl! it's about time you got a blog...gotta go sweep the astro-turf.  thanks for reading!


  1. Loved this Val! Of course coming fromm my world I know it is of the syncronicity spheres. And, I also so appreciated your use of slang in the way of swear words! I honestly mean that. There's really nothing like a good "fuck" to enhance the story......

  2. I have always been fascinated by the title, yet haven't read this book yet either. Now that all my reading time is being sucked up w/ required reading I won't be able to venture into this novel until winter break. Possibly you could give me an insightful preview???