Thursday, September 5, 2013

Running Wild and Looking Pretty

Yesterday was rough. I'm talking Brillo pad. I was running on empty to begin with and they refused to take naps.  Now let me explain something to you about a 1.5 and 2.5 year old's refusal to rest their weary little heads. When toddlers refuse to take naps, it's quite frankly worse than building a bonfire inside an igloo. It sucks. It's chaos at its finest, and I embellish not when I say that the worst thing that explodes from every pore of their cute, pudgy, soft skin is a resounding, clear message of "I'M BOSS!"

Yes, there was a constant struggle yesterday for "boss rights" as 3 young, bright, talented women vied for this leading role.  It seems these two didn't get the memo that the nanny is the boss, and apparently, they will do more than arm wrestle with each other, to maintain the crown...
And along with this boss thing and the bossy, irritating behavior that accompanies being the head hancha, is this personality characteristic of wildness that seemed to split at the seams for 9 hours straight.

"I'm the captain of this ship."

"Let's have some fun!"

"Say what?"

Danger in the shape of something wild
Stranger dressed in black, she's a hungry child
No one knows who she is or what her name is
I don't know where she came from or what her game is

"This will really drive her crazy."

"No, Baa Bee! It's not clean-up time."

Hot child in the city
Hot child in the city
Runnin' wild and looking pretty
Hot child in the city                                              
"Give me the damn doll."

Things were basically crumbling by 10:00 a.m. 
Why I suggested making Playdoh as our project is beyond me. 

"I'm having little voices in my head telling me where to toss this flour."
"And you don't take me seriously because? 
Hot child in the city
(Hot child in the city)
She's kinda dangerous
(Hot child in the city)
Young child
(Runnin' wild and lookin' pretty)
Young child, runnin' wild

"Naps are for sissies."

"This is the closest you'll get to changing my diaper."

"I'm done with highchairs."

Truthfully, I felt my control slipping away from the minute the moms left for work. The Cousin's mom hasn't limited her television time and, of course, the first thing out of her mouth when her mom left was, "Wallery, can I watch Caillou?" I exerted my control, mentally patting myself on the back for the boundaries I was putting forth. Well, she threw the biggest f@#king tantrum that could be heard three blocks away.
You know if you give in when the tantrum arrives, it's all over people. They own you.
So I held my ground, tried to bring out the new wood puzzles, bowls of blueberries, ANYTHING to gain jurisdiction over the situation.  Things did calm eventually.

I was a wild kid too. Well, I had my days. My mom once told me when I was two, I used to roll down the backseat car window and throw my books out. And she, being a new mom, would pull off to the side of the road and fetch them for her sweet daughter.  Evidently, this continued for a while and then one day, my mom just kept driving. I guess my tantrum was epic. And you can probably guess; I never threw my books out the window again.
My wildness took a hiatus through high school, as I became "born-again" and spent my free time giving out Bibles at the local mall.
(You can't be too wild when you're telling people they need to be saved.)
But I found my wild child again in my late twenties and throughout my thirties. WHEW! Welcome back, baby! Those were fun times; wild, free and fearless.
Many of you know what I'm talking about and here's the thing. Whether these two girls are wild or mellow or a pleasant combination of both, I'll surely be along for the ride.

Here's a few quotes by a few famous folks with regard to wildness.

"I was a sloppy kid, wanted to be just wild."~Etta James
“Some prefer the wildness. Some the calm. There's enough of both in the world for everyone to have their choice. And enough time for any to change their mind.” 
~Nora Roberts

"Take a walk on the wild side."~ Lou Reed

"I'd like more of the world to go back to being wild."~ Hayao Miyazaki

And one more for y'all. Perhaps, the one I'm secretly hoping will stick.

"I need this wild life, this freedom."~ Zane Grey

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