Friday, April 8, 2011

Highway of Life

Today’s generation, when bored, goes to Facebook, right?
Me too, but I think my generation goes to Craigslist more. Surfing the bargains that could potentially make our humble shacks the mansions that HGTV creates in Curb Appeal or Holmes on Homes, or the classifieds with jobs we dream of but are not qualified for. Boredom struck me the other day somewhere in between unit 6’s dog getting loose fiasco in which Erika’s toddlers were terrorized and Mr. Guzman having a full-on verbal boxing match with the Waste Management Recycling lady who was blocking his driveway for nearly a half-a-second…
Going directly to the For Sale section of Craigslist, I began randomly clicking on items I don’t need but have to have and came across this ad (copied as written by the seller):

Hot Pink Stripper Pole
This is a one of Kind lil Mynx hot pink adjustable stripper pole. I bought this in Hollywood brand new for $500.00 a year ago. I love it but I'm moving to Austin, TX in a couple months and eliminating my truck load. Selling it for only $300. Works great, and is adjustable for any roof size, easy to set up - im a girl and I did it. LOL. any questions or you're interested please give me a ring- 209 681 1369

Torn between my moral fibers and my curiosity of the dark side,
I phoned. Just kidding. But I did want to.
I sat in my high back recliner conjuring up all these questions for the girl moving to Austin who loves her pink pole so much but can’t take it with her.
Friends, you know if it was purchased in Hollywood, it must be good and this is why I have left the number for you in case she might still have it.
In addition to my thought that we are a generation now addicted to Craigslist, name-brand alcohol and fitness courses, I have come to believe we are also a much more polite generation than the young generation who will one day be in charge of my social security and health care when I am rocking on my porch and drooling on my cotton nightgown.
No, I really do believe this and the proof comes every damn time I get in the car. The younger generation are rude Sob’s that ride our asses, cut in front of us, pass on the right side of the road, multi-task while steering with an elbow, drive out entrances and in exits, blast what they call music out open windows, eat and text while simultaneously conversing with all 5 unbelted passengers and never offer a wave of thanks when you let them go first at a four-way stop!
Whew, I needed that. Of course, I know I’ll get flack from my younger readers, but hey, bring on the conversation. Isn’t that what America was built on; healthy debates and eye-opening conversations that stretch our imaginations and encourage our creative thinking?
You betcha, pals! And these are important issues to examine.
Have a good one today and be safe on the highways.

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  1. All that bad behavior of the younger generation...well, truth be told, I was guilty of just about all that. It's all about being young and stupid but every older generation somehow forgets all their own youthful indescretions.