Sunday, June 2, 2013

"That Car is Beautiful, Wallery"

"That car is beautiful, Wallery. It is nice."
You know children are so cool. The Cousin said that to me on a walk we took in the morning.
She was referring to a beater '86 Corolla with torn, vinyl sun visors and large dents in the side. Walking the neighborhood with a one-year old and a two-year old is an art in and of itself. One likes to run (Sweet Pea) and the other likes to leisurely stroll and smell every goddamn flower on the block. And we definitely need helmets for the sidewalks. When one is vertical, the other one goes full-on horizontal.
Following our shadows
It's amazing how many changes occur in kids this age in such a short amount of time. I've been away from them for 2 weeks and Sweet Pea is saying so many words!  Of course, there's the usual: 
"mama" "dada" "baa baa" but she's become a walking dictionary overnight!
"tank you" "peeze" (She's polite as hell) "keen up" (my personal favorite) "mee ow" "woooof" 
"book" and her request these days, "cheez" (The kid's a human disposal)  Then, as if a miracle occurred, I've got her strapped in her highchair in the kitchen while I'm in the other room changing 
The Cousin's diaper.  Suddenly, I hear this voice yell out, "Baa Bee! Baa Bee!" 
I come runnin in and am greeted by a huge smile and a face smeared in banana ... 
"Did you say my name?!"  So, I'm now Wallery and Baa Bee and that's how the story goes.  At least for the moment.  Pretty cool, eh? And The Cousin is modifying her lifestyle as well. She's actually using her words, instead of her fists when she feels perturbed with Sweet Pea. She even offers up some lovin, now and then, when Sweet Pea's feelin down.
"Don't panic. This is a love hug not a choke-hold."

The embraces, the taking time to smell all the petunias, the thought that an old clunker of a car is beautiful...All of these things are simplistic reminders for all of us.  Appreciate the world.  
I needed that this week. And I needed them. 
"Nature's cool but where's the basketball court?"
"Smells delicious."
After doing a couple laps, we decided to change our mode of transportation.  This was quite relaxing for the girls, but gave the nanny a much-needed, but not necessarily desired, upper body workout. Pushing these two "bikes", one of which had a broken wheel, proved challenging.
"Wanna race?'

"Hey, I need to stop for fuel."
I always try to give it up for the team. And you would too. They are so worth it. Worth more than their weight in gold even at today's prices.  Sweet Pea was "spent" after the walk and ride. During her morning nap, The Cousin and I made good use of our time and got out the Playdoh. Hopefully, I have enough tech ability to attach the video of our playtime...

No, I do not. 
I made numerous attempts for over a f*@#ing hour to no avail. Sometimes I frustrate myself and there's absolutely no way out of it. I'm "tech-clueless".  
Photos will have to suffice.
"Don't eat it, Wallery. It's pretend."

"Blow out the candle."
When we look at life through the eyes of a child, we are humbled and clearly brought to the core of all that is important, and quite possibly, essential.  In their company, the pettiness and ugliness of the world dissipates and all we are surrounded by is joy and wonder. The Cousin believes in wishes and magic and pretend. She believes in Playdoh birthday cakes.  It's so cool how she teaches Sweet Pea the way to "pretend to eat the cake."  
Sweet Pea hasn't mastered the concept of pretend yet. Therefore, Sweet Pea needs an armed guard sitting inches from her when she handles the clay.

Sometimes, we just break all the rules. Rebels that we are. I probably shouldn't post these next pictures; kinda like letting the cat out of the bag. 
The recommendation is to give The Cousin her allotment of cereal in a miniature plastic cup and Sweet Pea a single Cheerio, one at a time, so she doesn't choke due to her "special eating style" which focuses on the cramming technique. 

"I love Wednesdays!"

"Do we have another box?"
And after one has a full belly, what better to do than exercise? 

"Pole dancing is great for the abs."
 Sweet Pea, along with her rapid mastering of the English language, has also mastered how to open the "kid gate". The box, which the gate came in, clearly states that it "should be a good safety device until the child reaches the approximate age of three."
 Bullshit!  They obviously don't know Sweet Pea.
This is a problem.

And on a lighter note, the parentals shared that they were finally seeing some progress on the toilet training horizon this last week.  Seems The Cousin pooped and pee'd twice in her Elmo toilet. 
So, I poured on the encouragement and eventually she said she had to go. We walked to the bathroom and as I started to pull down her trousers and remove her diaper, she sits down and states emphatically, 
"I go pee pee with my pants and diaper on."  
Works for me.  No toilet clean-up. She's also a fantastic "multi-tasker".

" I can do both all by myself."

 I gotta be honest. Things get a little crazy at times.
"Get out of my egg!"     "Make me."
And when they do, we resort to videos and food, something I swore I would never do when I was in the teaching program in college. That kind of parenting/teaching/care-giving was for those who didn't know how to interact and be present with children.
Food and videos. Lifejackets when seas get turbulent.

I know by this final picture, y'all might think I could easily handle three.
Y'all might wanna lay off the booze.

See y'all next week! Take time to smell the flowers and enjoy all the beauty around you!

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  1. This was one of my favorites, Wallery/Baa Bee. How special that Sweet Pea and The Cousin can both call you by your name...well, almost. And now that I've got my new glasses (yea!) I can follow along, too. Loved the photos of the girls hugging, strolling along, smelling the flowers....just appreciating the world, as you said. And giving you a glimpse of what it's like "to look at life through the eyes of a child." And "we are humbled and clearly brought to the core of all that is important and quite possibly, essential." Think I'll spend some time pondering that today. Thank you, Friend.