Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Waiting On The World to Change

The most experienced bloggers would write their first post of the New Year with sentiments of peace; perhaps a host of wishes for the Lord God to ascend down upon each and every nation and Zap us with a series of "Holy Spirit Sucker Punches" and we all would be filled with love, compassion and non-violence and all that and more would cosmically spread like water on a Bounty paper towel and peace would reign throughout this great land.
Other veterans of the keyboard, in their infinite wisdom, would introduce 2011 with reflections about those they've loved and lost, excruciating lessons learned that have built character and will make them better humans in the coming 365 days... resolutions to lose weight, to cleanse with green tea detoxifiers, to be kinder to their snoopy-ass neighbors, to make love to their spouses more often...
But not this writer. No sir-ee. My head is full of "little thought-bombs" that are currently detonating in my mind. I want to hit hard where it hurts.
In reading today's world news, I applaud Italy for banning plastic bags in the New Year. California Assemblywoman Julia Brownley introduced AB 1998 last year in our sunny, "eco-friendly," state with a list of supporters that reached from Weed to the San Diego-Mexico border. (See link for documented proof of supporters!) Yet, it failed. FAILED! And though the entire human world contributes trash to our shores and ocean floors, the United States, home to only 5 percent of the world's population, contributes 30 PERCENT of it! Now let's think about this for a moment because we do have our God-given rights to freedom and abundance. We've got to have our plastic H2O bottles when we work out at the gym or spa, don't we darlings? And I DO have a tee-shirt that says "GO GREEN" and of course my "TREES ARE COOL" bumper sticker. Furthermore, when we see the little recycle triangle on our bottles, GLAD tupperware containers and plastic bags, (that we "double-up" because a half-gallon of milk is heavy) we feel good inside. We actually perceive we are doing our part by separating the trash from the plastic, and it's all hauled away by large green trucks and neatly recycled... That somehow it miraculously evaporates to organic dust and that there is no more plastic on earth or in heaven. Well guess what well-meaning enthusiasts? We're fools.
So I've attached some video, some parts are hard to look at, but all are an essential New Year reminder. And I command you to check 'em out! Yeah, I'm waiting on the world to change, but as of today NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS OR BOTTLES in this trailer! That's my 2011 resolution. Jump on board the train my faithful followers and pass it on!


  1. check out this org: http://www.surfrider.org/whoweare.asp

  2. @Jj...Your 3 words mean everything to me! I'm now in a panic trying to find a way to eliminate tonic bottles!
    @cyn...Will do amiga! Thanks for the tip. I am going to the link pronto. Hey, thanks for signing on as Follower 15. I won't let you down.

  3. Well said my passionate partner! i am on board with the new trailer rules, NO PLASTIC bottles or bags! I WILL find a diet tonic dispenser for us if it's the last thing I do.

  4. Glad to see your expressing yourself and people are seeing what a good writer you are as well as your passion for making the world a better place. Big hugs Sable