Thursday, December 20, 2012

Those Damn Hippies Had It Right

Wednesday.  Why is it I’m the only one that wants a nap? The Cousin hates the word. 
Turns and runs at the very mention of it.  Christ, I can’t even get the "n" sound out of my mouth and she’s gone.  
And Sweet Pea? Well, Sweet Pea is Sweet Pea in all her reigning glory and we all know what her most powerful artillery against napping is:
That ear-piercing cry that I’ve written about for months.  

So, The Cousin got a new toy. 
It's a "spinning egg".  She so digs it, but she digs it alone. She wants her space and I so get that. But as you can see by the hand in the right corner of picture, The Cousin and I had our work cut out for us.  Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea. Why can't you take "no" for an answer?  Actually, my very own mother used to say that to moi.  Hmmmm... 
I guess if there is such a thing as karma, then this whole bloody gig makes sense.  
It was destiny that brought Sweet Pea and me together.

This Wednesday I took some hits.
Sweet Pea bit me to communicate that she wouldn't be going in her baby play seat. 
Her teeth made direct contact with my left shoulder.  
After the bite, she looked me straight in the eyes and smiled.

The same was true with the carrots. Her new trick is to clamp down on the spoon when it's in her mouth and hold on. I end up puling that thing like it's caught in a vice and she digs it. Looks right at me and smiles big through the orange substance.
Carrot puree sprayed all over my glasses from her other new trick: blowing bubbles with food.
She loves the sound of it and she loves my reaction.

When it all goes to hell in a handbag, I get out the rig.

Initially, they are reticent to go.

But I harness them in like roped calves and they don't have a choice. 

I need fresh air. Well, actually, I need a cool, refreshing grown-up beverage, 
but fresh air will have to suffice for now.
After Work Grown-Up Beverage.

I can't write a blog this week without mentioning Sandy Hook Elementary.  Especially when I am surrounded by 2 little children who light up a room when they walk or crawl into it, just like the youngsters who lost their lives that horrible day.

But, I can't help but think that we, as a nation, are not really getting it.  You see, sadly, this is America. Why are we surprised when something this violent happens? We fund every war, involving our nation or not, with our weapons, drones, arms. Very profitable for us. Why aren't we outraged when our drones kill hundreds of children in other countries? We are a nation that advocates the death penalty as a solution to violence. We violently took this country from its native people, then violently built it with slaves...why are we surprised?

Now there were times that, you know, I wanted to pack a small handgun when I managed the park. 
Would've ended a few disputes over so-in-so's dog shitting in so-in-so's carport.  Could've also possibly deterred Ralph from crashing park parties and calling the sheriff on himself...
But seriously people! 

Now I'm not a girl that thinks the solution lies in prayer. 
And I most certainly don't think this act of violence was some God's plan as some extremists suggest.
I think the truth lies in the good old green-back dollar and I think assault weapons 
are a huge, profitable business.
I also think the NRA has its grubby little hands tightly around (and squeezing) the genitals of every political hopeful in D.C.  As Feinstein just said, "You don't need an assault weapon to kill a deer." 

Ban 'em!  It's the only solution, however, 
I wish I were as hopeful about a change or a ban as many of my friends are.
Send me some hopefulness, would y'all!? 

Somehow, I can't help but wish that if we put love before greed and power, love is what we will get.
This year my partner and I are standing up for peace. Well, in this case, lying down for peace.
And for us, it's a laugh or two but really, the truth is, it takes more than a wish, more than a prayer...  
It takes action. 
It takes action from you, from your family, from the politicians we elect (or the ones who get in due to voter machine tampering or paid off Supreme Court Justices).  It takes action from your boss, her brother, the guy selling coffee and a nutty girl like me. 
Maybe 2013 is going to be that kind of year: An Action Year! 
Taking action to speak out against violence, to get laws changed, to say, "NO" to the dudes that are profiting from mass weapon production that not only kills our children, but children world-wide. 

Those damn hippies had it right. 

Give Peas a Chance.


  1. WOW. Loved how you covered everything from Sweet Pea to you two Sweet Peas. I still can't wrap myself around why anyone would want or need a I'll keep putting flowers in the barrels. Yes, the hippies had it right, but us new 2013 hippies have it too....and you are one of our leaders my dear friend even if you don't think you're one! I truly think that there is a very good possibility you could get the "Nanny Blog Diaries" published. Like a grown-up illustrated book. I'll be first in line at the book signing.

  2. I'll be second in line to get "The Nanny Blog Diaries." But no matter what I do, what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary seeps back into my mind. It is just too awful to comprehend. Like others, I've signed petitions and cards, hoping this time, they will do some good. Let's start with renewing the assault ban law that was not renewed in 2004, and add the other items Sen. Feinstein has proposed. I hope that bill has a chance. But I'm still so sad.
    I also appreciate your comprehensive look at this tragedy. It's all woven together, as you say, and so, must all be addressed. Thank you for your frank assessment of the situation. As always, I look forward to reading your blog where you give me so much to ponder. Peace and Love are coming your way....

  3. Val, I love this blog, all your postings...but that photo of Cousin in her egg and Sweetpea's hand is so funny. Cousin's face says it all.
    I am imagining whirled peas, I mean world peace right now. Seriously, I know it starts with me.
    I love your writing, friend, please keep on sharing your gift with us...Love, Amy

  4. Thanks y'all for your inspirational words and belief in the power of peace!
    And damn...thanks for your belief in me. Humbled.