Sunday, April 7, 2013

Where There's a Will There IS a Way

Now this is an Easter Bunny that I can believe in.
Cute, isn't she?
But bunnies, eggs and holy moliness are not the subjects of today's ramblings...
What I really wanna talk about here is confinement.  Constraints.  Incarceration.  
Sweet Pea doesn't do "house arrest" very well.
If you think I'm joking, try strapping her in her highchair during a quinoa and broccoli luncheon. 
She ain't havin it. Well, that's not totally accurate. She'll have it for a limited amount of time. She'll have it while she enjoys the flavors of her meal; the basil, the olive oil, the steamed, puree'd vegetable medley infused with organic grains...but when she's done, SHE'S DONE!  

The Cousin's still in Israel, probably walking on The Sea of Galilee, turning water to wine and charming all the serpents with her infectious smile.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Sweet Pea and I are making the best of it.  
But let's return to the confinement issue.  Sweet Pea has this strong will. I saw it from the moment of our introduction and it seems to be growing as quickly as the weeds in my garden.  Her blatant refusal to be strapped in to her highchair, her stroller, or placed in a playpen, shit, any kind of baby contraption, is slightly annoying to say the least. And although I encourage kids, especially girl kids, to be strong, independent thinkers, this took a sharp turn last week and left me wishing for a passive, demure Sleeping Beauty-type.

Off to a good start
"Spoons are for sissies."
"I've about had enough."
I was forced (because of her refusal to not play in the grain mess) to put her in her pen in order to clean up the quinoa disaster all over the floor. She was pissed.

"I'm pissed."

But for a child approaching the ripe old age of one, compromise is not an option.

Sweet Pea has this obsession for the dirty diaper pail. I swear she dreams about it and spends her waking moments trying to figure out how to get in it when I'm not looking.  She can't let it go.  And there is no stopping her.  The more times I remove her, the stronger she becomes.  She returns again and again and each time her grin gets wider.  SHE KNOWS SHE'S F@!*ING WITH ME!
"Keep your distance."
"Yes, I can!"
"Don't give me that No thing."

My second grade teacher at Curren Elementary, Mrs. Chapin, told me "Where there's a will, there's a way."  She said this to me when I was struggling with learning to read.  I've thought of her and those words many times over the years and they slapped me in the face last week with regard to Sweet Pea! Her determination could prove to be an advantage for her, that is if her parents survive.  In these types of "willful" situations, I tend to go into distraction mode. 
First, we played dress-up...
"I wanted the pink one."
"NO to the damn hat."

Next, some tub-fun...
"What do you mean I can't drink this?"
"I won't be needing any assistance getting out."
And finally, "we" had to get the hell out of the apartment. A nice long walk and a trip to our neighborhood organic cafe and canning company, Happy Girl Kitchen, for a piping hot cup of Assam tea, where Sweet Pea once again demonstrated that she cannot and will not be fenced in.

(Note: Change of clothes due to insistence of using a grown-up cup not baby bottle)
All in all, it was a terrific day; the kind of day country songs are made of, I suppose.

It was close to quittin' time, when there was a knock at the door. Woo Hoo!
We had a visitor!
"Weirdo, that's a bucket."
For all you fans of The Cousin, don't you cry.  She'll be back with us next week!
Take it easy y'all!
~ tpg

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  1. TPG, thanks for the reminder about your blog. I'd hate to think I've missed one....and you saved the best photo for last! Your "visitor"...might I know her? that bucket hat? Oh, sooooo funny. I think you've met your match in Sweet Pea. Really, I just love your antics...your take on being the nanny...just keeps me wanting more! Better rest easy. The Cousin will be back before you know it. And then? Double your trouble, double your fun!
    Till next week...enjoy the quiet. It will be ending soon. I'll stay tuned!