Friday, November 19, 2010

Life is Good

Kimmie from space 6 ran out of her unit the other day with so much jubilation I thought we had pulled out of Afghanistan...
She couldn't wait to tell me that her and Tommy had upgraded and that they now have a 1989 Rockwood Driftwood Class A Motor Home  that features so many upgrades including a much roomier cab, Frigidaire microwave, extended overhead cabinets and a barrel chair that's kinda this "Merlot" color.  
Seems her husband Tommy has now joined an RV traveling group called Trailmanor Trailblazers and they will be heading out to The Gold Country over Thanksgiving if the weather holds.

Tommy's this special guy... Wears those white, tattered "wife-beater" tee shirts that my dad used to wear, 'cept Tommy wears them all day, from sun up to sun set. He usually pops open a Keystone about 8:30 a.m. and carries it around with him like snail and his shell.  Tommy doesn't really work.  He "tinkers" and "fiddles" and plans out various areas that need some "fixin up" then pops another and thinks about it...
Every year around this time, Tommy begins planning his Annual Front Yard Christmas Extravaganza.  Each year competing with himself to out-do himself.  Last year, he added a life-size blow-up Santa in full-on Biker Clothes riding on a Harley, Rudolf sitting up on his carport "takin a breather" and holding a Coors-Light in his front paws, and of course, the usual  array of elves. ( "I  find 'em on sale every January and stock up!")  His abundance of lights  caused a power surge here in the park last year, so he paid to have his unit re-wired to withstand the seasonal voltage.
Tommy's mother-in-law lives in the park. (Now there's another whole blog in itself!)  Every evening, Tommy revs his rose-colored 3- wheeler, puts Kimmie on the back, each with their own Keystone in matching Coolie-Cups,  and drives the few hundred feet to her modular...just for a visit.

I'm happy for you, Kimmie.

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