Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy To Be Nappy

I was venturing to the "other side" yesterday to attempt accomplishments in the "errand department" when I noticed a beauty salon on the "bad side of town" with the name, "Happy To Be Nappy." I thought to myself, how gleeful. I wonder if happiness is really that simple; A cool hair-do and a deep engrained pride in oneself and one's culture...
Then my thoughts began racing, as they often do, to what about my time with Ms. Nin yesterday and her view of happiness? -That if the ABSENCE OF FEVER births true happiness, she would never attain it. Fuck. Depressing to say the least because I got the fever!!! The Giants fever! The dramatic fever! The bluestocking fever! The menopausal fever!! LOL.
And make no mistake about it, friends,
Happiness is NOT who takes control of the House of Representatives or which Proposition did or didn't pass..True happiness is a mug of robust, smooth, delicious brown java.
True that. I've arrived at this conclusion from more than 2 decades of precise and controlled research that included cupping and sampling a wide variety of "the bean" and not just your ordinary "on sale with a coupon" bean, but beans recognized as having the highest of global standards!
So... if only for a temporary, split bit second, I am happy today, pals.

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